Vacuum Cleaner Numatic HVR 200-11 Henry Review

Numatic HVR 200-11 Henry Review

Numatic HVR 200-11 Henry it’s super popular and gives you all the excellent features.

It is the best budget vacuum cleaner by far, from a brand (Numatic) you can trust.

If you are looking for a light vacuum, this is not for you. Henry it’s quite heavy, it’s a full-size bagged cylinder vacuum cleaner, so you will need some space to store it, but it’s perfect for larger houses.

Despite its weight you are going to love it, because was designed to last for years and years. Some people used the same Henry more than 20 years. It’s very easy to maintain and repair.

Once you’ve plugged it in, you probably don’t need to unplug it anymore, because has a huge operating radius, 26.8 m.

Easy to reach everywhere, 10 meter cable and a 2.3 meter long hose.

Another fantastic feature it’s the bin capacity, 9 L. It’s super easy to empty, you have to open the top part, which contains the motor and mains cable, pull out its filter, release the dust bag from the nozzle and replace it with a new one (bags are quite cheap).

Numatic HVR 200-11 Henry Review: Cleaning performance

Henry doesn’t have one of the best suction power, but it’s pretty decent and it’s main cleaning head is not one of the most maneuverable.

You get good accessories and it’s great for allergy sufferers as well, because has HEPA filter, which trap some of the smallest dust particles.

In conclusion, Numatic HVR 200-11 Henry really deserve a good place in a Top with some of the best vacuums, because does the job well and it’s very popular. But, please don’t expect some versatility or suction power like some of the top Dyson or Shark vacuums.

It’s super accessible as price and you get one of the most reliable vacuum cleaners on the market, right now.

Numatic HVR 200-11 Henry Pros and Cons

Pros Henry HVR 200-11:

  • Decent suction power;
  • Excellent additional tools;
  • Huge operating radius;
  • Fantastic bin capacity;
  • Reliable
  • Affordable as price;

Cons Henry HVR 200-11:

  • Small bin capacity without dirt ejection system;
  • Not flexible, it’s difficult to use in some areas;
  • Heavy;

Vacuum Cleaner Henry HVR 200-11

Vacuum Cleaner Henry HVR 200-11

Powerful suction (carpets, hard-floors)

8.4 /10

Additional tools

9.8 /10

Maneuverability, Weight

7.6 /10

Huge operating radius, Fantastic bin capacity, Super reliable

10.0 /10

Affordable as price

10.0 /10

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