Vacuum Cleaner Dyson Cinetic Big Ball Animal Review

Dyson Cinetic Big Ball Animal Review (DC75)

Customers love this powerful bagless vacuum cleaner, because it’s one of Dyson’s best upright vacuums, packed with great features and innovations.

Could be the best choice for big houses with pets lovers, as well for those suffering from allergies or asthma, because it’s engineered to be completely sealed, so no dirty air can escape.

The main floor-head features a motorized brush bar, switchable from the body, and self-adjusts to the depth of the floor covering, excellent for hard floors and deep pile carpets.

Cinetic Big Ball can capture microscopic dust, tiniest particles such as pollen or mold are sucked from the air that can be found in our homes. Warranted asthma and allergy friendly.

DC75 it’s a corded vacuum, but with a 10.5 meter cable you will successfully cover a large area of the home without swapping plug sockets.

Another great thing – there’s no any extra costs – don’t use dust bags and aren’t any filters to maintain. Has a large 2.18 liters bin and it’s super easy to empty, just simply push the button to release the dirt.

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