Keter Store It Out Max Review

Keter Store It Out Max Review

The Keter Store It Out Max is a great low cost plastic storage option for a small garden or yard.
It’s not the biggest storage shed on the market, but it’s enough to storage a some tools, barbecues, lawnmower or other equipment, garden furniture and cushions, or to store your household bins.

Made out of heavy-duty plastic, a compact and sturdy design, so you may use it for years, and nearly looks like a wooden shed because of its colours.

Easy opening lid equipped with a hydraulic piston and twin front opening doors. If you want to use it for storage your bins it is great because has some chains that attach the piston assisted lid to your bins, so you don’t have to touch the bin lids with your hands.

It comes with two front locking bolts one, so can be locked with a padlock for extra security.

Once assembled you get a solid structure and looks very well made. It is also a weather-resistant construction, keeping your belongings safe and dry. Doesn’t require much maintenance, we just recommend you to grease the bolts and pistons in order to extend their life.

With a wooden shed, maintenance is going to be quite costly. But with Keter Store It Out Max a cloth or a sponge does the job.

You don’t need to much time to build the assembly. You just need to follow the instructions provided precisely, a screwdriver and maybe someone to help you hold the parts.

In conclusion Keter Store It Out Max gives you a good value for the money you pay if you need a practical solution to tidy up your garden space, it’s from a brand with good reputation that produce high-quality household and garden products and you get a good warranty as well.

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