How to use Aeropress coffee maker – Aeropress Review – Aeropress Pros and Cons

How to use Aeropress coffee maker

How to use Aeropress coffee maker – Normal Method

  • First of all, heat the water
  • Grind the coffee beans (considering 4 tablespoons of beans or 2 AeroPress scoops) or add your preferred ground coffee
  • Add a paper filter inside the cap and wet the filter with some warm water
  • Place the Aeropress on top of your coffee cup.
  • Add coffee
  • Add water in a easy and constant way over your coffee grounds.
  • Stir for 10 seconds with a spoon or use the paddle stirrer
  • Insert the plunger and press it down
  • Finally, taste the coffee – If it’s to concentrated for you, add more water.
  • Aeropress Review

    Aeropress has actually turned into one of the most popular travel coffee maker. Exactly what’s specifically amazing, is that it’s well fit for utilizing both in the house and when taking a trip.

    It’s extremely quick to make coffees with Aeropress, just takes 20 seconds to brew (10 sec. of stirring and 10 sec. of plunging).

    One press makes 1-3 cups of coffee (espresso-style). You have control over the strength of the coffee.

    You can likewise utilize the inverted Aeropress technique, which is slightly slower, however produces a much better cup – seems like, one of the very best coffee you’ll ever taste.

    Excellent portability – height: less than 12 inches and width: less than 5 inches; you can even keep it in among the side pockets of your travel knapsack.

    Aeropress Pros and Cons


  • Brilliant for travel – making lovely coffee;
  • Easy to transport;
  • Easy to tidy up;
  • Affordable as price;
  • Cons:

  • You need hot water;
  • Makes small amount of coffee, one good cup of coffee at a time (2 or 3 not so strength);
  • There are many components which can quickly be lost;
  • Require microfilters, but you can buy these from everywhere.
  • Therefore, Aeropress makes good coffee, but because requires a cup to filter the coffee into, require paper filters, too many methods of brewing (you might be confused) it’s not Best Travel Coffee Maker, it’s on the second position in our Top 3 Best Travel Coffee Makers.

    Aeropress travel coffee maker

    Aeropress travel coffee maker

    Brilliant for travel – making lovely coffee

    10.0 /10

    Easy to transport; to tidy up

    10.0 /10

    Affordable as price

    9.5 /10

    Makes small amount of coffee

    7.5 /10

    Many components which can quickly be lost,

    7.0 /10

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