Dyson VS Shark – Dyson Cyclone V10 VS Shark DuoClean IF250UK

Dyson VS Shark

Dyson vs. Shark — Definitely two of the most popular vacuum brands on the market right now.
One of the main reason of their popularity is because both of these companies manufacture vacuum cleaners that are designed to make cleaning efficient, quicker and much easier.
Both Dyson and Shark produce a range of vacuum types, including uprights, sticks, handhelds, and more.
In many cases, Dyson gives you higher performance vacuums with greater suction power and great features. Anyway, Shark vacuum cleaners are more affordable as price than Dyson in many cases, and gives you a good cleaning performances, decent level of suction power and features.
About cordless vacuum cleaners, the best models from each brand is going to be Dyson Cyclone V10 vs Shark DuoClean IF250 UK.

Dyson Cyclone V10 VS Shark DuoClean IF250UK

Firstly, let’s talk about batteries:
Dyson Cyclone V10 can run for 60 mins and Shark DuoClean IF250 UK can run for 44 minutes from a single charge with two batteries (22 minutes each).
Dyson V10 has a better run time, but let’s say with both vacuums you have enough time for a good cleaning session.
Now, let’s see the cleaning performance:
Over the years, both Dyson and Shark developed and improved their great technologies.
Dyson it’s well known for its Cyclone technology.
Dyson V10 use a 14 concentric cyclones technology. Which is amazing is the fact that each of the 14 cyclones generate 79000 G-force. Every single cyclone it is settled concentrically around the central axis, this means air flows more efficient through the vacuum. As the cyclones become thinner, air is accelerated from 45 mph to 120 mph to create centrifugal forces. In this way fine particles such as pollen and bacteria are captured into the bin.
Equipped with one of the strongest motor Dyson ever made. The motor spin at up to 125000 rpm. In this way you get a fantastic suction power.
Shark’s DuoClean technology means a floor-head with two motorized brush rolls, working together. This means you may move from carpets to hard-floors without stopping to swap heads.
One of the brush roll it is very soft, velvet-like being permanent in contact with the floor, removing large debris or small particles in a single pass and will restore your hard floor’s natural shine. The second brush goes deep into the carpet fibers to remove stuck-on dirt and embedded pet hair.

Let’s see the additional tools you get.
There’s 3 V10 models available: V 10 Absolute, V10 Animal and V10 Total Clean. Each model has different types and numbers of accessories. For example with Dyson Cyclone V10 Absolute you get some great accessories tools.
A direct-drive head, which will help you remove deeply embedded dirt from carpets;
A mini-motorized tool, which it’s great for tight spaces;
A soft roller head for cleaning your hard floors.
You get also a combination tool (two tools in one), so you easily switch between surfaces; a crevice tool that gives you precise cleaning around edges and narrow spaces, a mini-soft brush for dust and a charging / docking station, which is great to store tools.

Shark DuoClean IF250 UK comes with a good number of accessories (30 cm crevice tool, dusting brush, dust and anti-allergen brush, upholstery tool, a double charging dock and charger).

Both vacuum gives you great maneuverability and portability. Dyson V10 it’s much more lightweight (just 2.68 kg). Shark IF250UK it’s a bit heavier (4kg), but with Shark’s Flexology technology you can access those hard to reach places like under your sofa or under your furniture without having to get down on your knees.
Because of a pistol-grip unit, both vacuums easily converts to a handheld vacuum, so you may vacuum your car too.
Dyson V10 has a decent bin capacity wit a fantastic easy to empty system.
Unfortunately Shark IF250UK bin capacity it’s quite small and there’s no dirt ejection system, so you have to open the lid, flip over and hope everything drops out.

In conclusion, these are two best cordless vacuums available on the market right now. If you want to save some money we recommend you to buy Shark DuoClean IF250UK, but if you may spend a bit more money we definitely recommend you Dyson Cyclone V10, because of its great suction power, number and types of accessories tools you get, its bin size and easy emptying system and better battery run time.

Cordless vacuums are great, but probably if you have a big house with a lot of children or pets you may need a full-size vacuum to do the job.
The good news is that both Dyson and Shark produce some of the best upright vacuums on the market.

Over the years Dyson developed another two amazing technologies: Dyson Cinetic and Big Ball.
The Cinetic technology was developed on the brand’s multi-cyclone design introducing small rubber tips at the end of each cyclone. These spin really fast in the airflow, further improving dust separation to the point where the machine doesn’t need a filter. Without filters, there’s no loss of suction.

One of the best Dyson upright vacuum cleaner is DC75 Cinetic Big Ball Animal.
This powerful bagless vacuum cleaner packed with features and innovation is the best choice for big houses or for houses with pets lovers,… as well for those suffering from allergies or asthma, because it’s engineered to be completely sealed, so no dirty air can escape.

The main floor-head features a motorized brush bar, switchable from the body, and self-adjusts to the depth of the floor. Great suction power from hard floors to deep pile carpets.
The disadvantage is that is uses a bit more energy to produce this suction power – gets a D rating.
But gets A rating for dust emission – better than many cleaners with multiple filters.

DC75 Cinetic Big Ball Animal is quite big, and quite weighty too. Even if the football-sized ball helps you with maneuverability by pivoting the floor head, you can feel its weight in the hand.
If you need a bit more lightweight vacuum you may try Dyson DC40 Multi Floor.

Equipped with Ball technology and with the same cyclone technology for no loss of suction. Has high suction power.

Now let’s see some of the best Shark corded upright vacuums.
Shark DuoClean Powered Lift-Away NV801UK.
First of all, one of the greatest features it’s Shark’s DuoClean technology – 2 amazing brush rolls working together to remove different types of dirt from your carpets and hard-floors.
You get a great cleaning performance in a single pass.
Equipped with Lift-Away technology, easily clean stairs, upholstery or underneath furniture and other hard to reach places.
If you don’t want to spend so much money on a good vacuum we recommend you Shark Lift-Away NV601 UKT.
It is not equipped with DuoClean, but it’s quite powerful, has strong suction on carpets and hard floors. It is efficient for removing embedded pet hair from carpets, cushions or sofas.
It is equipped with Anti-Allergen Complete Seal Technology and comes with multiple tools and accessories each carefully designed to help you get a better clean.

Another great and very popular vacuum is Shark Rotator TruePet NV752 with Powered Lift-Away.
This full-sized 2-in-1 upright vacuum with detachable canister, Advanced Swivel Steering, Anti-Allergen Complete Seal Technology + a HEPA filter, Hard Floor Hero attachment and a TruePet Motorized Brush will do most of your cleaning tasks.
The Hard Floor Hero attachment is excellent for cleaning debris of all sizes and dusting your floors and the TruePet Motorized Brush gives you deep cleaning power.
In conclusion, Dyson and Shark are top two brands in the manufacture of vacuum cleaners, great brands that promise cleaning performance on your hard-floors or your carpets, great brands with fantastic features and technologies.
The main difference you may see it in the price, Dyson’s vacuums being a bit more expensive than Shark.

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