Black Decker Mouse Sander Review

Black And Decker Mouse Sander has a nice small and compact design. It is great for any sanding work you wish to undertake. Comes with lots of features such as the rotatable base that allows the use of worn out sand paper pads and also the removable tips for even more complex sanding.
Another great feature is changing the sanding paper with the quick fit ‘hook and loop’ solution, couldn’t be easier.
Black And Decker Mouse Sander it is super easy to use and super lightweight (under 1 kg).
It is a fantastic tool to make repairs around the house. You may use it for paint/varnish removal, rust removal, detail sanding, metal and plastic polishing and even glass cleaning.

It is a corded tool, but it is equipped with a 3 meter length cable.

Comes with good accessories – you get one polishing pad, one rust removal pad, two P80 sanding sheets, three P120 sanding sheets, one P180 sanding sheet, one finger attachment, four P180 finger sanding sheets one vac adapter for dust extraction and one storage bag

This product it is good enough for your home projects, it is for light use and should only be used with a light amount of pressure applied. We don’t recommend it for professional jobs because it should not be run continuously for a long length of time.

Anyway, it is one of the cheapest Mouse Sanders on the market, so you get good value for the money you pay.

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